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How to connect the detonator to make it safer

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How to connect the detonator to make it safer

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We all know that the volume of the detonator is small, but its energy is really huge. Once the operation is careless, it will endanger our lives. This article will talk about how to connect the detonator safer.

Firstly, the two terminals of the detonator busbar connected in series are connected to the two terminals respectively. At this time, the conduction measurement circuit works and the red indicator lights on. When the switch reaches the "charging" position, the transistor starts to oscillate and outputs an alternating voltage through the output terminal of the transformer, which is charged by the main capacitor after the diode rectifier (after 100 rounds are rectified by 4 times the voltage); when the charging voltage reaches the quota, the transistor starts to oscillate and output an alternating voltage through the output terminal of the transformer. When the voltage indicator lights up, the stabilization circuit enters a steady state, which makes the main oscillation circuit intermittently oscillate, and the voltage indicator light flashes. At this time, the switch is hit to the "shooting" position for firing.

Understanding the safety operation rules of detonating detonator can make it safer to use.

Understanding the safety operation specifications of detonating detonator can be safer to use, and avoid mistakes in the operation process, see the summary of 9 points. Requirements for collection, transportation, use and clearance of explosive materials shall still be implemented in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Blasting Safety Regulations and the Detailed Rules for the Administration of Civil Explosive Materials formulated by the company. In each blasting face, the charge is connected and the leading blasting tube is drawn out. Each blasting must determine the blasting group leader and members list, clear the division of responsibilities of the members, the initiation order must be issued by the group leader and according to the initiator. The detonator initiation system is as follows: each hole detonator - Main detonator - detonator needle - copper core wire - detonator. Skywell construction and shallow-hole mining room detonator lead to the turning of the drift at the Tianshankou entrance; secondary blasting detonator lead out 10 meters; medium-hole engineering tunneling detonator lead to the level lane at the Tianshankou entrance; general tunneling engineering detonator lead out 30 meters; medium-hole large-scale blasting detonator lead to the safe position at the Tianshankou entrance.


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