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Explosion-proof electrical appliances with heating function

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Explosion-proof electrical appliances with heating function

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Explosion-proof electrical appliances with heating function, petrochemical enterprises often need some heating equipment and electrical heating equipment in the production process, so the explosion-proof problem of such products is also very important. The main products are explosion-proof electric heater and explosion-proof heater. Because explosion-proof control transformer and explosion-proof ballast and other products, although the main function is not to obtain thermal energy, but it will also heat in operation, should also cause great attention, so all of them are included in this kind of products. Of course, in today's rapid development of science and technology, there will also be a lot of high-tech materials made of electrothermal equipment, but its explosion-proof problem can not be ignored. The main components of explosion-proof heat equipment are windings, controllers and wiring boxes, and they often have the function of temperature control or monitoring. This kind of product is basically explosion-proof type, explosion-proof grade is II BT4. In some production occasions, explosion-proof alarm appliances often need some lights and sounds to remind people of their actions. In the environment containing explosive dangerous gases, such appliances are more important.

Its main products are explosion-proof indicator lamp, explosion-proof sheet metal, explosion-proof flute, explosion-proof peak horn and other products. Its structure is usually explosion-proof, made of cast aluminium alloy, explosion-proof grade can reach level II CT6. Its working voltage can be divided into direct 36-220 V and AC up to 380 V. Explosion-proof junction box and explosion-proof shell are its main structural parts. 11 Explosion-proof electromagnets are mainly explosion-proof electromagnets, explosion-proof solenoid valves, explosion-proof electromagnetic drivers and other products. Its working principle is that under the action of electromagnetic field, the electromagnetic force generated to promote the work of machinery and equipment, generally used for braking. Most of the structures are flameproof. They are made of cast steel or cast iron. The explosion-proof grade is Class II BT6. Its main technical parameters are generally thrust or suction (calculated in kg) and electrical persistence rate. It must not be electrified for a long time, otherwise it is easy to overheat and cause danger.

Other types of explosion-proof products often meet many special requirements in the complex production process, which requires the manufacture of special explosion-proof electrical products. Because of its low output and special requirements, it belongs to non-standard products, so it can be classified as explosion-proof products. The main products are electrical instruments, temperature transmitters, pressure transmitters, speed transmitters, liquid level meters, quantitative controllers, ignition devices, cameras and so on. These products are basically manufactured for production needs. Although their performance requirements are different, most of them are metal-made enclosures. Their types are flameproof or safety-enhancing structures. A few of them are intrinsically safe products. Their working voltage and current are generally low, and their explosion-proof grade is II CT6. Above all, explosion-proof electrical products for factories are roughly divided into twelve categories in order to get a clear rational understanding of these products. The above classification may be omitted or incomplete.


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