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Explosion proof grade

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Explosion proof grade

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From the installation point of view, the explosion-proof lamp can be realized from 30 ~90. In terms of power, it can range from tens to hundreds of watts. The installation height starts from the ground to several meters. It can be said that explosion-proof lamps and lanterns are all explosion-proof electrical products produced, used more products. Moreover, because of its specific functions, it causes a situation of large loss and replacement. The structure and shape of this kind of products vary a lot, but in terms of explosion-proof performance, they are basically flameproof. The shell material is mainly cast aluminium alloy, which can basically meet the needs of various lighting and display functions of users in places below class II C. The main function of explosion-proof connectors is to connect cables and branch cables. Its main products are explosion-proof bolt and explosion-proof power outlet box. The rated voltage ranges from 220V to 380V, and the rated working current can reach 100A. The product has two poles, three poles plus neutral wire and grounding wire structure. The shell of the product is made of metal and plastic materials, and the explosion-proof grade can reach Class II C.

Its interior is mainly composed of connectors. Some products are equipped with switches with breakpoints. This switch has interlocking function with connectors, that is, to disconnect the switch first, to unplug it, to insert the plug first and then to close it. The product without switch also has the function of disconnecting the main circuit before disconnecting the grounding wire, inserting the grounding wire before inserting the main circuit. This is to ensure safe operation. Most of these products are operated directly by hand, so their insulation performance requirements are generally higher, which should not be ignored. 8 Explosion-proof fans mainly include explosion-proof ceiling fans, explosion-proof exhaust fans and explosion-proof axial-flow fans. Their structures are composed of explosion-proof motors, explosion-proof junction boxes, explosion-proof speed regulation controllers and blades. Its rated working voltage is generally 380V, and its explosion-proof grade can reach Class II BT4.


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