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The powerful detonator mainly includes control button and operation column.

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The powerful detonator mainly includes control button and operation column.

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This kind of explosion-proof electrical apparatus mainly includes control button and operation column. The shell of explosion-proof control button is usually made of polycarbonate, glass fiber reinforced unsaturated polyester resin or ABS plastic injection moulding, and a small amount of it is formed by die casting of cast aluminium. The general structure is a Safety-increasing shell with flameproof components inside, and it can achieve anti-corrosion function. The explosion-proof grade can reach Class II C. Operating pole is mainly composed of main box, junction box and pillar. Some of the main boxes and wiring boxes are made into one body, others are made into separate parts, each with its own characteristics. Its material is basically made of cast aluminium alloy. The interior is composed of various instruments, switch, button and signal lamp. It can be combined according to different needs. 5. Explosion-proof junction box electrical equipment must be connected with power supply network through wires or cables in use, forming a system to complete its use function. However, the connecting wires or cables can not be infinitely long, and there are many places in the connecting process that need to be connected in series and parallel for wire splitting.

This will inevitably result in external filtration of the joint part, which is easy to cause accidents. Explosion-proof junction box products are products to solve these problems, in order to further ensure safety in production. Such products include junction boxes, junction boxes, threading boxes, suspension boxes, junction boxes and other products, whose shell is mainly made of cast aluminum alloy. There are many inlet and outlet lead-in devices as required. The box is equipped with terminal for connection or disconnection. Most of these products are made of explosion-proof or Safety-increasing type, with large or small volume and large difference. The explosion-proof grade can reach Class II C. Lighting measures must be taken in any workplace or environment, including places containing various explosive gases. Because of its many places of use, all over the production corners, so that explosion-proof lamps and lanterns products mass production. There are many kinds and specifications of this kind of products, but they can be roughly divided into lighting, marking, signal, portable and other forms. They can be divided into incandescent lamp, mercury lamp, nano lamp, halogen lamp, dysprosium lamp and fluorescent lamp from the light source type. They are more diverse in structure, such as hanging type, hanging type, wall mounting type, ceiling suction type, portable type, cantilever type, etc.


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