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Operating Regulations for Powerful Exploders

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Operating Regulations for Powerful Exploders

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1. Explosive device repairmen must undergo technical training, hold valid certificates, and be familiar with "Coal Mine Safety Regulations", "Coal Mine Electrical and Mechanical Equipment Maintenance Quality Standards", "Coal Mine Electrical and Mechanical Equipment Perfect Standards" and the relevant standards and regulations for explosion protection. 2. Inspect and record the failure of the explosive devices that need to be repaired in our class, test the performance parameters of the explosive devices regularly, and master the structure, performance and repair technology of the explosive devices. 3. When repairing the detonator, the capacitor should be fully discharged first, and then the parts should be repaired or replaced. 4. The replacement parts shall meet the requirements of the Quality Standard for Maintenance and Repair of Coal Mine Mechanical and Electrical Equipment. 5. Testing the insulation resistance of the equipment and drying the damp equipment. 6. It is strictly forbidden to test the short connection of two terminals. In order to avoid damage to electrical components and equipment. 7. After overhaul, the detonator must be tested for the energy and discharge time before it can be used. 8. The repaired explosive device shall conform to the "Standard for the Perfect Mechanical and Electrical Equipment of Coal Mines" and the relevant standards and regulations for explosion-proof of electrical equipment. 9. Fill in the maintenance records carefully.

Explosion proof knowledge - explosive device

Fangbaodianqi English name: explosion-proof electric apparatus: explosion-proof electric apparatus: there are explosive dangerous gases and vapors used in the place of a class of electrical equipment. Chemical production often encounters a variety of explosive dangerous gases and vapors. In places where these media exist, it is an important measure to ensure safety in production and prevent explosion and fire to select appropriate explosion-proof electrical appliances in accordance with relevant norms, standards and regulations. According to the type, it can be divided into flameproof type, Safety-increasing type, intrinsically safe type, positive pressure type, oil-filled type, sand-filled type, spark-free type and special type. The main varieties are explosion-proof switch and knife switch, explosion-proof air automatic switch, explosion-proof magnetic starter for factory, explosion-proof control button, explosion-proof operation column, explosion-proof stroke switch, explosion-proof pin, explosion-proof junction box, explosion-proof junction box, explosion-proof pipe and sealing material, explosion-proof electromagnet and explosion-proof solenoid valve. 1. Explosion-proof control boxes mainly include lighting distribution boxes for controlling lighting systems and power boxes for controlling power systems.


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