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Digital display detonator manufacturer tells you which kind of detonator is good

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Digital display detonator manufacturer tells you which kind of detonator is good

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Wuyou detonator is a new generation of detonator and an upgraded product of the existing detonator. It widely uses more than 20 Patent technologies. Therefore, it realizes new functions such as small size, simple operation, strong detonation ability, remote control of electronic switch, automatic storage of blasting data, over-standard automatic blockade and repeated charging. It can eliminate the occurrence of some illegal operations, and is mainly used in the field of explosion. Power generation detonator is introduced into underground blasting of coal mine. It greatly improves the safety management level of blasting operation in coal mine. It is suitable for mine environment where gas and coal dust explosion are dangerous. This product is a mine flameproof and intrinsically safe type. First, the network resistance is measured by itself. If the network resistance exceeds the limit, it will be automatically blocked and can not fire. The detonator has its own network resistance measuring instrument, which detects the bus resistance and network resistance before firing. If it exceeds the limit, it will automatically block and cannot fire.

(multi) people chain function, without the lock can not be fired.

The detonator adopts three-person chain technology. After the monitor, artillery and tile collector bring three-person chain cards, they can realize three-person chain through three-person chain cards. Without three-person chain, they can not fire. Three: automatic detection of impulse energy, automatic control, impulse energy is not qualified can not fire. The detonator automatically calculates impulse energy according to the number of detonators and bus resistance, and automatically controls impulse energy between 8.7 and 12. It can avoid gas explosion caused by too high impulse energy to generate electric sparks, or blind cannon caused by too low impulse energy. Exploder manufacturer 4: adopt electronic switch technology to ensure that the initiation time is accurate, the impulse energy is stable, and the occurrence of blind guns is avoided. Old detonators use mechanical switches. On the one hand, due to mechanical wear, especially the high-voltage electric shock during initiation, the overcurrent contact surface of the switch is easy to be rough and not smooth, resulting in uneven impulse energy release and very prone to blind cannon. On the other hand, after mechanical wear, the discharge time of the switch changes, which exceeds the standard requirements and causes accidents. By using electronic switch, not only the detonation time is accurate, but also the impulse energy is stable and the blind gun is avoided. Fifth: The blasting device with black box function has the functions of automatic recording of blasting data such as voltage, impulse energy, safe discharge time, initiation time and three-person chain. It also has the functions of two-way communication. On the one hand, it can transmit recording information, on the other hand, it can accept external information. On the other hand, it has the function of "black box", on the other hand, it has external control and remote control. Function, more conducive to blasting safety.


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