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Cautions for operation of digital display detonator

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Cautions for operation of digital display detonator

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1. Batteries shall not be maintained or replaced in places where combustible gases or dust are present in order to avoid danger. 2. Shooting busbar should adopt special shotgun busbar or copper core wire. For example, the resistance value of 200 meters of single bus bar should be less than 20_. For example, the total resistance value of busbar R line (200 meters) is 20_, each detonator is 4_, the resistance value of corner line is 2_, a total of 100 detonators. The total resistance value of series circuit is R=20_+(4_+2_)*100=620_3. The long-term non-used blaster should be charged once every month to prevent it. Battery feed. 4. The output voltage and current of the detonator are large and fast. It is required that the busbar must be qualified, and there should be no joints in the middle. If there are joints, they should be unscrewed and tightened, wrapped with waterproof tape. No water, grounding and metal contact should be allowed at the joints. It is better to lay them alone to prevent dumb artillery. 5. Before the busbar is not connected to the detonator, the connection of detonators must be reasonable. The connection of detonators must not be connected with water or grounding, and there must be no water sprinkling on the top. Bus and detonator joints are more important. The joint must be pressed against the bus bar with an object, and the joint should be lifted to prevent the joint from shaking and grounding when strong current passes through.

Cautions for operation of detonator

If the detonator's foot line needs to be lengthened to connect, it should be connected by a thick line equivalent to the two detonator's foot lines to prevent the emergence of dumb artillery in bias current. After the connection of the blasting network is completed, the connection of the blasting network detection terminal is made for full resistance inspection, and the failure of the detection can not be blasted. After the inspection of the blasting network is qualified, according to the operational requirements of the artillery, people, animals and objects must be evacuated from the scene before the busbar can be pressed onto the high-voltage output terminal of the blaster, and whether the busbar is pressed is observed, and the safe initiation is carried out according to the correct operation method. When the blaster breaks down, it should be repaired by professionals or repaired back to the factory. The main capacitance loss of the detonator will decrease due to the increase of the number of times of use. Therefore, it is better to check each index with the detonator parameter test before use.


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