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Thermal sensitivity of explosives

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Thermal sensitivity of explosives

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Therefore, the conditions of thermal sensitivity of explosives should be fully understood. As far as safety is concerned, all thermal shock conditions must be excluded. Initiator villages (such as detonators) are more sensitive to impact. They impact explosives with a load of 5 kg. If the explosives fall at a height of 2-4 cm, they may explode. For example, if the road is uneven and the electric detonator is carried by bicycle, how can it explode? For example, if the electric detonator is impacted by iron braze into the blockage in the blasting operation, it may also explode. Therefore, special precautions should be taken against explosives that are more sensitive to impact (lead azide, RDX, etc.). The discharge phenomenon of early detonation lightning stroke caused by inductance is extremely complex. Whether the detonator's foot line is in closed or closed state, inductance effect may be produced to detonate the detonator. Electrostatic induction also occurs in low clouds. In addition, both frictional electrostatic induction and stray current may cause the detonation of the cotransistor.

Mining Explosive Device Using Three-Person Chain Technology

Mining Explosive Device three excellent: three (more) people chain function, not unlocked can not fire. The detonator adopts three-person chain technology. After the monitor, artillery and tile collector bring three-person chain cards, they can realize three-person chain through three-person chain cards. Without three-person chain, they can not fire. The electronic switch technology is used to ensure that the initiation time is accurate, the impulse energy is stable and the blind gun is avoided. On the one hand, due to mechanical wear, especially high-voltage electric shock during initiation, the overcurrent contact surface of the switch is easy to be rough and not smooth, resulting in uneven release of impulse energy and very prone to blind cannon; on the other hand, after mechanical wear, the discharge time of the switch changes, exceeding the standard requirements, resulting in accidents. By using electronic switch, not only the detonation time is accurate, but also the impulse energy is stable and the blind gun is avoided. The blasting device has the functions of automatic recording of blasting data such as voltage, impulse energy, safe discharge time, detonation time and three-person chain, and has the function of two-way communication. On the one hand, it can transmit the recorded information, on the other hand, it can accept the external information, so on the one hand, it has the function of "black box", on the other hand, it has the function of external control and remote control. It is more conducive to blasting safety.


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