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When it is uncertain whether the detonator can be reliably detonated

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When it is uncertain whether the detonator can be reliably detonated

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When it is uncertain whether the detonator can be detonated reliably, the power key switch should be turned off, the release switch should be pressed, and the two ends of the blasting busbar should be short-circuited, the residual electricity of the circuit should be released, the connection between the back end and the blasting busbar should be disconnected. After 15 minutes, the blasting personnel can go to the blasting operation point and unplug the detonator on the C-type special probe, and then the blasting network can be checked. In order to avoid damage to the components of the trigger and affect the reliability of the trigger, the trigger should be anti-falling, anti-extrusion, anti-throwing, anti-high temperature, anti-corrosion, moisture-proof and so on. Do not charge and discharge repeatedly without receiving load, try not to attenuate the battery energy. Unfinished items shall strictly comply with the provisions of "Blasting Safety Regulations". Use methods of detonators and matters needing attention: Wholesale of detonators

Review of knowledge on safety and civilization of detonators: technical measures for blasting safety

Blasting safety technical measures, in the process of blasting, explosives and detonators and other blasting equipment is the biggest unsafe factor. We should not only grasp its performance, but also analyze its possible relationship with specific external interference conditions. 1. When measuring the thermal sensitivity of explosives to igniters, place the fuse beside a certain amount of explosives so that one end of the fuse is 1 cm away from the explosive. Observe the effect of the fuse on explosives by sending out Mars. Experiments show that all modern industrial explosives will not burn under such sample tests.


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