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Use Method and Notice of Initiator Wholesale

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Use Method and Notice of Initiator Wholesale

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1. Notes for network operation of detonating detonator:

1.1 The sequence of network connection: After network connection is ready for the evacuation of unrelated personnel to the safe place, the blasting personnel first lay the blasting busbar from the shooting point to the safe place. First, the two joints of the C-type special probe are joined together to release the energy stored in the front end, then the special probe is connected with the blasting busbar, and then the detonator is inserted into the special probe, and finally the blasting tube is detonated. Connect the broken bus to the back end, turn on the power key switch, press the detonation button to charge. Generally, the charging time is less than 5 seconds. The indicator lamp darkens from the light moment, indicating that it has been discharged, release the detonation button, press the release button, close the power key switch, take down the key, and complete the detonation work.

1.2 Blasting busbar should be firmly and reliably connected with C-type special probe and back end, and tightly twisted connection column.

1.3 During commissioning, do not touch the needle part of C-type special probe to avoid electric shock.

1.4 Installation Battery Instructions: Open the back cover of the back end with a screwdriver, take out the battery box, and install six No. 5 batteries. When installing the batteries, ensure that the batteries are in good contact, and different brands of batteries can not be mixed. If you do not use the hair trigger for a long time, you should take out the batteries. Charging Series: If the power is insufficient, the charger can be directly inserted into the charging interface. When the charging indicator is changed from a red light to a green light, the charger can be removed if the power is sufficient.

1.5 When connecting the blasting network, the C-type special probe should be placed in a safer position. It is suggested that the C-type special probe should be 15-20 meters from the blasting point to avoid flying stone damage and take necessary protective measures to protect the special probe, such as iron box, iron pipe and so on.

1.6C special probe should be inspected for water and oil contamination every time it is used. The probe head should be polished with sandpaper. The C special probe should be inspected when it is inserted into the detonator tube. The detonator tube can not be filled with water, no powder, oil and impurities. Then the probe should be inserted into the qualified detonator tube of 2~3 cm. The connection between C special probe and detonator tube should be firm to ensure the firing reliability.

1.7 Turn off the power key switch, press the release switch, then the C-type special probe can be pulled out. Prevent people from being injured by high voltage electric shock during use.

1.8 When it is uncertain whether the detonator can be reliably detonated, the power key switch should be turned off, the release switch pressed, and the two ends of the blasting busbar should be short-circuited, the residual electricity of the circuit should be released, the connection between the back end and the blasting busbar should be disconnected. After 15 minutes, the blasting personnel can go to the blasting operation point and unplug the detonator on the C-type special probe, and then the blasting network can be checked.

2. The trigger should be anti-falling, anti-extrusion, anti-throwing, anti-high temperature, anti-corrosion, moisture-proof and so on in order to avoid damage to the components of the trigger and affect the reliability of the trigger.

3. Do not charge and discharge repeatedly without receiving load, and try not to attenuate the battery energy.

4. Unfinished matters shall be strictly implemented in accordance with the Regulations on Blasting Safety.

Use Method and Notice of Initiator Wholesale


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